Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsWhile you are legally required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or a life jacket during kayaking for safety. You will all agree when I say that a PFD or life jacket boosts your confidence, especially on whitewater.

The best life jacket ought to provide buoyancy and comfort, both on calm and rough waters. To help you choose a high performing PFD/life vest, we have provided you with seven best kayak PFD/life jackets reviews for information.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Onyx Curve MOVEVENT Paddle Sports PFD
  • Size: X-Large/2X-Large. Weight: 90 lbs. and over
  • Chest Size: 44 - 56. MoveVent - A vest that conforms to your body like a glove, yet its innovative
  • Soft, lightweight flotation foam. 200 denier nylon outer shell
  • Provides excellent mobility for recreational paddle sports (canoe, kayak, SUP). Ventilation in front
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats and sit-on-top kayaks Sculpted and flexible design conforms

The ONYX MoveVent is the best kayakers’ life jacket for the money. This high-quality personal floating device comes in two color options for your choosing: aqua and orange. It comes with a customer-friendly sizing chart (x-small/small, medium/large, and x-large/xx-large).

The vest is vented on the front as well as the back for superior ventilation while paddling under the hot summer sun. This floating piece attaches comfortably to your body for a perfect fit. The soft floatation foam is very comfy to the touch.

The foam panels on the front are structurally shaped to fit your body, as long as you choose the correct size. Two main shoulder straps and side straps allow you to effortlessly dial in your desired fit for relaxation and security on water.

You can easily remove the jacket by simply opening the large front zip. You can stow away small gear in the front zipped pocket. The wide arm openings allow unhampered mobility for rowing and padding.

Verdict: If you are looking for quality, long-term use, and unmatched performance with negligible flaws, then the ONYX MoveVent is the ideal life vest for you.

Best Kayak PFD & Life Jackets

Kokatat Bahia Tour PFD (Mango) - L/XL
  • Type & Profile:Type III/medium profile
  • Design Flotation:
  • S/M - 16 lbs 8 oz
  • L/XL - 17 lbs
  • Entry System:Front zip

The KOKATAT Bahia is the best tour/fishing PFD that is geared towards kayak anglers with a lot of gear to carry. The very first impressive feature is the little flat window on the front that you can use to store your ID card or fishing license.

When you unbuckle the license window you gain access to a sizeable pocket that you can use to carry a GPS device or your mobile phone. There is another compartment behind the license window for pliers. The vest also comes with two duplex front pockets for larger tools.

This PFD is made of 210D nylon material that has high tenacity for durability. The articulated front foam panels and shell will fit your body perfectly for convenience and comfort. The back and front lash tabs and the side adjustments allow for easy dialing of a snug fit.

Verdict: The KOKATAT Bahia PFD is a very resourceful life jacket for a kayaker with lots of tools, because it is well-equipped with storage pockets.

Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsBest Kayak PFD & Life Jackets

Nrs Clearwater Mesh Back Pfd
  • USCG Approved: type III
  • Flotation / Buoyancy: 16.5lb
  • Closure: zipper, buckle
  • Pockets: 2 front
  • Recommended Use: paddling

The NRS Clearwater PFD is the ideal safety outfit for a passionate kayaker. It is available in three color options, including charcoal, red, and blue. The sizing chart includes: small/medium, large/x-large, and xx-large. So, it offers an ideal fit for an adult.

It offers sixteen and a half pounds of flotation and a medium profile. You will admire the front zippered entry, which allows you to easily get in and out of it within seconds. The jacket is fitted with two large front pockets with Velcro closure.

The pockets are spacious enough to accommodate most of your fishing gear or personal items, such as your mobile phone. The upper part of the pockets is installed with a key attachment that you can use to attach your keys to avoid dropping them into the water.

Verdict: The NRS Clearwater PFD is one of the best life jackets that any kayak should have. Not to mention that it comes with a competitive price range that will fit the budget.

Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsBest Kayak PFD & Life JacketsBest Kayak PFD & Life Jackets

Onyx MoveVent Torsion Kayak/Paddle Life Jacket
  • Bubble foam on inner back for added comfort
  • Expandable zippered pockets with mesh drainage
  • Drying loop on back; attached whistle for safety

Here is another unique PFD by ONYX. The ONYX MoveVent Torsion Paddle Sports is a well-built personal flotation device. This life vest is exceptionally shaped for whitewater, SUP, and rowing. Basically, it offers a snug and comfortable fit.

This specific model is available in red color. The front zipper allows you easy entry into the jacket. The vest has expandable front zipped pouches with mesh drainage. The pouches offer enough room for carry small gears and personal items.

The inner back of the jacket is reinforced with bubble foam for superior comfort. You can easily fit in a high back seat, thanks to the meshing in the lower back. The ventilation panels in the back and front of the vest will keep you well-ventilated in hot weather.

Verdict: The ONYX MoveVent Torsion Paddle Sports Vest is built for kayaking; you just have to choose the ideal size.

Stohlquist Edge Personal Flotation Device Review

Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsIf you are in the market for a low-profile personal flotation device for your kayaking activities, then the Stohlquist Edge vest is what you need. It comes with a customer-friendly price range that will certainly fit your budget. And it offers remarkable features for the price range.

This particular flotation device is available in the mango color and the following vest sizes: S/M; L/XL; and XXL. The small/medium size has a buoyancy of 15 pounds 8 ounces; the large/x-large size has a buoyancy of 16 pounds 8 ounces; while the xx-large size has a buoyancy of 17 pounds 8 ounces.

The vest has a rapture-shaped torso that does a great job of shaping the interior foam to fit your body naturally. This provides you with a comfortable, snug, and a more secure fit. The offset zip and the waist buckle do firmly hold the jacket into position.

Verdict: Unlike most personal flotation devices, the Stohlquist Edge is equipped with a large top loading front pocket and a bunch of features that are worth the price.

NRS Ninja PFD Review

Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsThe NRS Ninja is a high performing personal flotation device for the money. The vest is available in three color options for preference, including black, blue, and red. The vest features a very simple design that you will admire at first glance.

It has double front panels that can actually fit your hands, providing you with great hand warmer pockets in case the weather gets cold. It is equipped with a sizeable front pocket for carrying small items that you might need during your kayaking activities.

The short torso along with the two shoulder straps and side adjustments offer you a custom fit. This makes the vest convenient for kayaking, boating, swimming, rowing, and paddling. The interior stretchy, soft fabric improved breathability of the vest.

Verdict: The NRS Ninja personal flotation device is a competitively priced life jacket that will certainly fit the budget of a kayaker.

Astral Buoyancy YTV Life Jacket Review

Best Kayak PFD & Life JacketsThe Astral Buoyancy YTV is one of the best life jackets for kayaking. It comes with a user-friendly sizing chart that guarantees you an ideal fit. For preference, you have five colors to choose from, including eggplant, hot coral, cherry creek red, slate black, and cherry creek.

What you will admire most about the Astral YTV vest is the fact that it is simple by design. The manufacturer achieved the simplicity by reducing straps. It has a great torso lock platform, which incorporates adjustment wings on either side.

This platform does a wonderful job of holding the jacket in place below the widest section of your torso. Astral eliminated ride up in order to keep the vest right where you want it be. The vest has a very nice shelf, making it suitable for women.

The life jacket is also fitted with two zipped front pouches for carrying gear and personal items, such as a mobile phone. Each front pocket is fitted with a knife slip pocket. Generally, the feather-light construction offers superior performance in calm water as well as whitewater.

Verdict: The YTV simple design will meet your expectations; not to mention the high-quality features with fewer flaws.

Best Baby Life Jackets

Baby Life jackets play a major role in providing protection to your babies. Before purchasing the life jackets for your babies, you have to know about it. Babies like to boat and play on the beach, ponds, lakes etc. To enhance the safety of your babies, they need to wear the life jackets.

It is designed to have many features which provide great support for the babies. The baby life jackets are available in different colors and in various designs.

Full Throttle Infant “Baby-Safe Life Jackets”

It is specially provided with the convenient buckle opening at the collar through which your baby can breathe in a proper manner.  Elasticized fabrics leg strap is used to add the extra comfort. The head is supported by the oversized collar. It is the best suitable for infants less than 30 pounds. It provides great security to the babies. The life vest is made of nylon and is considered to be the long lasting product.

Spoti Infant Baby outdoor Sports Life Jacket

It has a functional neck float vest which is suitable for children between 22 to 33 lbs. You can use the life vest on boat, lake, pool or beach. It is a light weight product and the babies can easily wear or remove the life jackets without any difficulty. Buoyancy and mobility are increased due to the presence of encrypted pearl cotton. Store the life jackets in a well-ventilated place. Don’t dry it by keeping near the heat source.

Connelly Skis Infant Baby Safe Vest

The material of the life jacket is made of nylon. The color of the life vest is blue. As it is designed to have adjustable straps, one can easily tighten or loosen the vest according to the size of the babies. So the babies can have a comfortable fit. In the case of an emergency, the buckles are used to release the life vest quickly without any risk.

Speed Waves Baby Blue Life Jacket

From the name, you can identify that the color of the life jacket is blue. It is made of polyester.  It is used to provide better buoyancy. With the help of zipper, the babies can easily on or off the life jacket without any risk.  It suits children up to 7 years of age.  It is available in three different sizes i.e. small, medium and large. It provides the best results for swimming beginners.

Buy the best one which provides a secure fit to your babies. It is advisable to buy the good quality life jackets. If you like this article, send in your valuable feedbacks as an appreciation. Also, read our other article to know the tips while choosing.

Best Camo Life Jacket

Camo life jacket provides many benefits to the people. It protects the life of the people. Its features help to save the person from danger.

It is available for all people i.e. from kids to adults. For your sweet pets, you can buy this type of life jacket. By reading the following details you can know the features, specifications, workings and price of the Camo life jacket.

Best Camo Life Jackets

We have listed down the best life jackets for you to choose from.

For Adults:

Type II Camo Life Jacket Vest

The material used in the life jacket is polyester.  It is considered to be the durable product.  It can be worn by any people with different body sizes. This kind of life jacket is ideal for sports persons. It provides the best results on the calm and inland waters.

The best thing about the product is that it can reduce the bulk and so the people can stay and relax in the water for a long period of time without any disturbance. The adults weighing about lbs 90 can wear this life vest.

The price of the life vest ranges from $ 24 to $ 35. To know the exact price, check here.

For Dogs:

Camouflage Pet Dog Swimming Life Jacket

One of the best things about the product is that it is specially designed to have the adjustable belts for adjusting the life jacket on the chest and in the head. The belt is made of bright colors to enhance the visibility during night time.

It is noted worthy that the product is made of special mesh fiber which helps to drain the perspiration. At the back end of the life vest, a handle is provided to facilitate easy pickup. Thus, it gets dried easily and offers a superior comfort for your dogs.

As it is a lightweight product, it helps to reduce the fatigue. The price of the product ranges from $ 23 to $40. To know the exact price, check here.

Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket PFD – Realtree Max-5 Camo

It is highly recommended for the persons of 16 years of age and above with 80 lbs weight. When the life jacket gets inflated, it provides 22.5 buoyancy.

One important note about the product is that it is not suitable for non-swimmers and weak swimmers. The neck portion of the life jacket is made of neoprene and provides a great comfort to the people so that they can stay for a longer period of time inside the water.

You are requested to buy the proper fitting life jackets. Avoid buying the too small or large sized products which are not beneficial. If you like this article, you can share with your friends.

Life Jacket Types

A life jacket is commonly used by the persons; during travel, sports and for various other activities that they perform in the water. These jackets save the life of the people without causing any disorders to them. They help the people to float in water without sinking. There are five different life jacket types which are classified based on the usage.

Life Jacket Types

The 5 different life jacket types include the following,

Type I

The Type 1 life jacket is also referred as an offshore life jacket. This is a PFD designed especially used for the extended survival in the rough and open water. This life jacket can also be used for cruising and racing. The features of this life jacket make them useful for the persons while boating alone and in stormy conditions.

  • This life jacket will help you for floating a long time in the best way.
  • This life jacket will turn the face up of the wearer if the person is in the unconscious state.
  • The color of this life jacket is highly visible.
  • This life vest is bulky.
  • Less comfort.

Type II

This type is also referred as a near-shore buoyant vest. This vest comes in different sizes and is best suitable for adults and children. This life jacket can be used for inland activities such as cruising, racing, and sailing. This life vest suits the best for floating in the light craft. This type can be used from the babies to the adult. The minimum buoyancy given by this life jacket is 15.5 lbs for adults.

  • This life vest is less bulky.
  • It provides comfort.
  • It is not suitable for wearing long hours in rough water.
  • Will not turn some unconscious wearers face up.

Type III

This suits the best for inland water. This life vest has supervised activities. Such activities include sailing regattas, dinghy races, water skiing, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and during personal watercraft operation. This life jacket is also not suitable for extended survival in rough water. The minimum buoyancy provided by this type is 15.5lbs.

  • This vest provides maximum comfort to the user.
  • It can be used continuously for a long time and is available in many sizes.
  • Cannot be used for extended survival in rough water.
  • The wearer should test the vest in water before using it.

Type IV

Type IV PFD is a throwable device. This vest is thrown to the victim in the water. This vest supports the victim and saves them from drowning in the water. The maximum buoyancy of this is 16.5 lbs.

  • This is a throwable device.
  • Used for the persons in danger.
  • This is not suited for unconscious persons.
  • It cannot be used in rough water.

Type V

There are two types of type V life jackets, one is special use and the other is inflammable. The special use life jackets are designed for a specific use such as sailboard harness, deck suit, padding vest etc. The inflammable life jackets are restricted for single use for which they are designed.

  • More convenient for specific activities.
  • Continuous wear will not affect the quality of the jacket.
  • This life vest is not safe if it is not used according to the label conditions.
  • It cannot be useful for unconscious persons.

These are the life jacket types used for various activities in the water. Choose the best type that suits you and share your feedbacks with us.

What Are Life Preservers?

In olden days the life preservers were the wooden blogs that float in the sea, river etc., the people used to hold those logs to safeguard their life from drowning into water. But this is not possible at all the times. So, people designed special life preservers for themselves to make them secure in the water.

Life preservers are generally objects that are used to save the life of the person who is drowning. Commonly all their life vest come under life preservers because these life vest has specialized quality to save the life of the wearer from drowning. Even the lifebuoy come under life preserver because it helps the person not to drown.

Though all the types of PFD are used as a life preserver, type IV– ring-shaped life preserver is very common in many places. The life preservers are advised to be carried with; by the person while traveling in water or while playing water games.  In the U.S. any boat without life preservers is severely punished. There are various types of life preservers, they are listed below.

Types of life preservers

There are various forms of life preserves; the common type of life preserver is in the form of a ring. The general types and category of the life preservers are

Life jacket

The life vest or life jacket is a PFD that can be worn by the person who is in a boat or in water.

Features of life vest

The life vest should have certain features and they are as follows.

  • The life vest should be approved by the USCG coast guard. This approval determines that it is safe to use underwater.
  • It should be made up of durable floating material.
  • The design of the life vest is very important such that it can withstand any conditions.
  • It should be comfortable for the user in any situations and conditions.
  • It should tolerate bad and rough weather.
  • An important point to be noted is the life vest should be light in weight.
Uses of life vest
  • It saves the life of the person from drowning.
  • Few life vests are designed specially as a swimming aid.
  • This can also be used by the people in water sports such as swimming.


The life buoy is generally ring shaped device that can be thrown to the person under trouble. This is a throwable device and the various features of this device are given below.

  • Lifebuoy is generally ring or circular in shape. Some may be in oval shape too so that it can offer comfort to the user.
  • Few of them have lights attached to it so that it can be used for rescuing at night.
  • This is made up of high-quality plastic or polyester.
  • The lifebuoy should be durable and it should withstand any climatic condition.
  • It is a throwable device and can be thrown to the person under trouble.
  • It is used in all the boats as safety equipment.
  • Rescue boats use this to rescue the people in the water.

So life preservers have created a great impact and it protects the person from drowning when the person is under water or in any critical situation in water.

How To Choose A Kayaking Life Jackets?

What is kayaking?

Kayaking is a water sport which is performed with the use of kayaks, i.e. a boat which is to the surface of the water like a canoe, in which the person who paddles sits facing forward, with legs in the front and uses a double-bladed paddle to pull front to back on one side and the rotation on the other side. Are you aware that it is necessary to use kayaking life jackets when in kayaking? Read the article below to know why.

Are kayaking life jackets essential?

It is well-known fact that the activity involving water can never be predicted with the upcoming risks. You may reach an unsafe position at any time. Even if you are a good swimmer, you may not be able to overcome the danger when drowning. At this juncture, the necessity for the life jackets arises. It is not only a necessity but also a law too. The federal regulations have ordered the kayakers to have at least a life jacket

At this juncture, the necessity for the life jackets arises. It is not only a necessity but also a law too. The federal regulations have ordered the kayakers to have at least a life jacket approved by US Coast guard which is wearable. It is not a good practice to have one at the boat, instead, wear it on your body before you start sporting in water to prevent your life when your boat undergoes overturning or any other accidents.

It is not a good practice to have one at the boat, instead, wear it on your body before you start sporting in water to prevent your life when your boat undergoes overturning or any other accidents.

What is the type which suits kayaking?

Among the 5 different types of life jackets, the one which suits kayaking is the type 3 jackets. These type 3 vests are designed such a way that it benefits the rescuing in inland water.

With these vests, the wearer should place himself in a position with his face to the upper side in the water. They feature vests that are streamlined in fit and are having large armholes to benefit with the freedom of movement. They are more comfortable and are less weighted to suit paddlers.

How to choose the best kayaking life jackets?

  • Choose the kayaking life jackets with respect to the fit and size, so that it does not hurt you while paddling. It should be snug but yet comfortable.
  • Ensure that the jacket stays on your body without coming over around your ears.
  • Buy the jackets specially designed for paddling and are approved by the coastguard.
  • Purchase the one which has large armholes for freedom of movement.
  • Choose the one according to your gender, as the jackets of men has larger armholes, whereas the jackets of women have the smaller armholes.
  • Make a trial by loosening the adjustment straps, wear it and snug back all the straps. If you feel that the jackets slip more than an inch, it is not the best fit and you cannot feel comfy with it.

Which is the best kayaking life jacket?

The top rated kayaking life jacket is the Stohlquist trekker. This PFD is made with the nylon 500 Denier Cordura shell and 200 denier oxford liner in the outer shell. The presence of cross chest cinch enables the vest to stay in the proper position without slipping or going around the ears. The vest is easy to clean with soap and water.

The shoulder and the back are featured with the pad which is ventilated. The back side has a cool mesh which fits comfortably around the seat backs. It also has a zipper in the front end and also has pockets which are spacious to store any essential accessories. The product is said to be snugger with the usual sizes you buy and is preferred to buy a size next to your actual size. The only minus is that it is not waterproof. The product costs around $90-$400. Check the exact price.

To sum up, the life jackets you buy for kayaking should be a proper fit and approved by the US coast guard. Purchase the one with several trials of sizes and pick the one which is comfortable to you.

Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Life Jacket

Why Dog Life Jacket?

Are you aware of Dog life jacket? Yes, the life jackets can also be worn by the dogs too. Dogs are considered to be the universal pet animals that are found almost in all parts of the world. They are referred as social animals and they love to spend time with their owners. Few owners treat dogs as one of the family members because they help the owners and are thankful. Dogs easily adapt to the conditions in the owner house.

Dogs have many inbuilt talents. One such talent is swimming. The dogs generally start to swim when they are left in the water for the first time. There are some dogs that should be trained to swim. Many owners feel that the dogs can swim on their own. Though this is a universal feeling, care should be taken by the owners while leaving their pets in the water. The dogs that cannot swim for the first time and are liable to get easily drowned in water.

There are various steps and safety measures that should be taken before allowing the dog in the water. Among them, using a dog life jacket plays an important role. This life jacket helps the dog to float in water even if they do not know to swim. Here are various points that will be useful for you while selecting the life jacket for dogs.

Tips for choosing the perfect dog life jacket

We have provided a list of the tips to be considered while choosing a life jacket for the dog so that it suits perfectly.


The first property to be noticed while buying the dog’s life vest is the fitness. The vest should properly fit your dog. For this take your dog to the nearby pet shop and select the one that fits your dog correctly. If you are an online shopper then buy 2 or more vests and try it in your dog.


The size is the next important feature that should be noticed while buying the vest. Commonly there are three sizes of the vest; small, medium, and large. The owner should note down the size of their dog before buying the vest. To measure the sizes, start measuring from the base of the shoulder to the tail of the dog. You should also measure the fattest part, the chest, and the narrower part, and the waist.


After buying the waist, check it for comfort. Make the dog wear the waist and allow it to roam. If the dog does not walk properly or if it seems to be heavy, then change the vest. Also, check that any part of the dog’s body is blocking its legs or rubbing in any parts of the body.


Make sure that your dog’s life jacket has handles. The handles will help the owner to lift the dog from the water. There should be a  minimum of 2 handles in dog’s life jacket; one near the shoulder and the other near the waist.

A perfect life jacket should not allow the head of the dog in water and it should keep the body of the dog sink evenly in the water. Any defect in the life jacket will make the dog drown in water. So choose the top pick of the life vest that has all the properties and suits our dog with comfort.

Baby Life Jacket- Tips & Features

Frequent habit found in people of all ages is having fun in the water. Children are fond of water than the elders. Among them, the newborn babies and kids love to play in the water. So, to safeguard infants various security measures should be adopted. Among them, using a baby life jacket is very important while allowing your child in the water.

The life jackets are commonly classified into three types; type I, type II, and type III. In these types, type II is considered to be the prominent type and it can be used for small infants. The following article gives tips to choose the perfect life jacket for your kid.

Tips for choosing a baby life jacket

The following are the tips to be considered while choosing a vest for the infants.

The lifejacket should contain the USCG logo. This logo will inform you that this life jacket is approved by the U.S. coastal guard. The USCG certified life jacket will meet all the requirement and safety to protect the person and kids from the water.


The second thing that should be checked in the infant’s life jacket is the fitness. The infant jackets are generally sized by weight. The Proper fitting life jacket should be chosen for your baby as it will help you to save your baby from the hazardous condition. Even a small change in size may cause problems to infant.

Other than size, ensure that the baby feels comfortable with the jacket. This can be done by raising the infant arm above the head. If the life jacket touches the ears or chin of the baby, then it is too big. It is also necessary to check if the life jacket is too small. Because the life jackets that are too small will cause breathing trouble in the infants. So, choose the correct size that perfectly fit the infant.

Float test

The best way to test your baby with the new life jacket is the float test. This is done in the pool by allowing the baby to play with the life jacket. Place them in water by keeping their face down. If the life jacket works properly, the life jacket will make them turn up suddenly to keep their face out of the water. If this test fails, then avoid this life jacket and get a new one.

Avoid reuse

The common fact about life jacket is that they expire. Constant use of the life jacket in the sun will reduce the efficiency of the life jacket. You should also avoid the reuse of lifejacket because it may harm your baby.

Features of baby life jacket

The baby life jacket should be chosen properly without any drawback. So here are some features that should be present in the baby life vests.

  •     USCG logo should be there on the vest, which means that the jacket is tested and is         safe.
  •     Flotation collar, which helps to keep infant’s head above water.
  •     The Crotch strap is used to keep the vest tightly fitted to the baby.
  •     Grab loop should be there to take the baby quickly out of the water.
  •     Vests should keep the child face up.

Hence the above points and facts should be considered before selecting babies life jackets. So, keep this points in mind and purchase the best infant vest.

The Wrap Up

The Astral YTV life jacket marks the end of our best kayak PFD/life jackets reviews. Kayaking is an adventurous water bound activity. However, safety is a priority, and there is no better way of protecting yourself than wearing a personal flotation device or a life jacket.

When choosing a kayak life jacket, always favor safety over comfort. However, life vest/PFD made for kayakers should have additional flotation in the area below the waist. Also, make sure that the PFD of your choice offers a snug and comfortable fit.