What's the difference in Kayak Paddles?A kayaker always wants to add some sumptuous features to its ride to make it more delightful and luxurious. The trend of kayaking and boating has become the essential and contemporary part of many western countries.

Moreover, the best kayak paddle would be those that would prove the most comfortable partner for the kayaker and makes its tour worth remembering. If you choose the right paddles for your kayak, it will influence your energy level and increase the comfort level of your kayaking.

Choosing the right kayak paddle is no more difficult decision, but it would highly influence on your tour that you have planned for you or your dear ones. We are going to share best kayak paddle reviews. Therefore top five products have selected for review to help you in right purchasing:

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Shoreline Marine 96-Inch Rounded Kayak Paddle
  • The simple and comfortable design of our Kayaking Paddle will keep you...
  • With foam grips for added comfort, and double drip guards to help keep...
  • Three position pin system allows you to rotate the aluminum shaft to...
  • Constructed with a corrosion resistant aluminum shaft which...
  • The contour molded blade propels you through the water with ease

This rounded paddle has 96 inches length and contour molded blades. Moreover, it consists of contour molded blades that efficiently propel the water without any hurdle.

It also has three position systems that are designed to have your size by the height and size. The product also has dip guards that won’t let you dry in your pool journey.

This product has some drawbacks but great in its price range. It can be a good choice if you want a long paddle with affordable price. However, if you cannot compromise on the quality, then you need to invest more to have a better kayak.

It is a top rated product and has a feathered blade design. The product also has also drip guards that provide the adjustability to the kayak. The product also has support Ridge to add more strength.

It has a floating system. The product is no sloppy and gives great value in this price range. It has two piece construction that is beneficial for easy storage.

The paddles are durable and effective for most of the kayak lovers. Moreover, provide great features in its price range. Moreover, it is overpriced for its features spite of some drawbacks it still can be a great purchasing.

Best Kayak Paddle: What's the difference in Kayak Paddles?

Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle/Boat Oars, 1 Pair, 96"
  • Combo paddle creates single paddle for kayak, double boat oars
  • 96-inch kayak paddle when connects; converts to two 48-inch oars
  • Lightweight, yet strong aluminum shaft
  • Oar retainer/drip rings and ribbed blades for added strength
  • Large black blade

This intex dual purpose kayak paddle is a great choice and provides a kayaker with extra features. It has long 96 inches height and can be 48 inches when it gets converted into oars.

The product is constructed of the aluminum that is the lightweight and affordable choice for the kayakers. The product also has large black blades for easy twisting.

These paddles are great and provide you variation in lengths from 96 inches to 48 inches. The paddles are the light weight that enables the kayaker to enjoy his journey without any discomfort. However, the product has some durability issues as it is made up of aluminum that cannot bear the heavy winds and water pressure.

Best Kayak Paddle: What's the difference in Kayak Paddles?

  • Two Piece Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight, Black Molded Plastic Blades
  • Adjustable Drip Guards/Foam Rubber Grips
  • Floats

The product has 83 inches wide length, and it is made up of aluminum to provide the hardness in the paddle. The product also has drip guards that are there to provide adjustability and foam rubber grips are also there to provide comfort while kayaking.

The product is an affordable choice and made up of aluminum and will not provide the durability and hence cannot be used for the long time span. However, investing more in your paddles, you certainly can have great paddles. That will enhance the kayaking experience and let you have a more pleasant journey.

Pelican Kayak Paddle Accessories | Aluminum Shaft with...
  • Two Sturdy pieces of aluminum construction
  • Impact resistant fiberglass reinforced polypropylene feathered blade...
  • Adjustable drip rings to help keep hands dry for a better grip
  • Enforced push-button connection with 0-65˚ angle adjustment
  • The perfect fit! Our 89 inch (226cm) long Paddle is not too short And...

The product has a nice design and attractive colors. The product possesses the three locking positions to provides the kayaker adjustability option.

Moreover, the product is great for the floats. The product comes with feathered blade design and support ridge to give the extra support to the paddles. The variation in the height will provide you with a different price, but the remaining features will stay the same.

The product has great features and accessories with the product. It is an affordable paddle that can surely enhance your boating and kayaking experience. However, investing more in your paddles, you can buy a paddle that is made up of fibers which can be lightweight and even more study as well, but according to its price range, it is still worth purchasing.

Buyer’s Guide – What to look for, when buying the best kayak paddle:

To avoid any bad post purchasing experience one should be very active while identifying and selecting the right product for itself.

Certain factors contribute towards the paddle’s effectiveness and efficacy. By analyzing all those factors, you will be able to choose the best kayak paddle for your kayak.

1. Should the size of the paddle be by the height of the kayaker?

The size of the paddle plays a vital role when buying an accurate paddle for the kayak. People should choose the paddle according to their height.

The height of the paddle varies with the height of the individual. There are different sizes of paddle available in the market.

However, one should buy it according to its height to have maximum speed and control while kayaking. According to the recent surveys, people who are shorter than 5 feet and 5inch should buy a paddle having a height between 200-230cm.

The people having height 5.5 to 6 feet should go for the paddle having a height of 210-250cm. While who are the tallest and above 6’ should go for the 230-250Cm length of the paddle.

2. What is more appropriate for the beginners either the low angle paddle stroke or the high angle paddle stroke?

Low angle paddle stroke and high paddle stroke are two different techniques that a kayaker pursue while kayaking. The low angle paddle stroke is a great method to avoid fatigue.

Moreover, the low angle paddle would be longer in size and narrower in width to add more comfort to a kayaker in long tours. The high angle paddle stroke needs more effort and aggressiveness in kayaking as due to its structural dissimilarities from the low angle paddle.

It has bigger blade design and is comparatively shorter this is the reason you are showing extra aggressiveness while dipping as the paddle of blades is closer to the boat.

3. Do the design of blade has a significant impact on the performance of pedal?

Different blade designs in the paddle are not for attracting different people, and they are not merely just for show off purposes. They do have a significant impact on the performance of the paddle.

There are many designs currently in the market like feathered and non-feathered, touring, wing asymmetric design square headed or dihedral. The different design will have different special and distinctive features and will ultimately impact the performance of the paddle.

If you have chosen the wrong paddle, it may worsen your experience of kayaking and moreover cause you extra fatigue.

4. What does the feather angle provide the benefits to the rider?

Many people are not even aware of the meaning of feather angle this is the relationship between the tips of the paddle to the other tip of the paddle.

For instance, when moving the paddle when it goes upside it will have the 90-degree feather angle. Customized feather angle will be beneficial in changing the direction or way when you are sitting in your kayak.

5. What should be the material requirement when choosing the best Paddle for our kayak?

The material is another factor that contributes towards durability and reliability of the paddle. There are many materials from where a paddle is manufactured ranging from highly built material to poorly built material.

People purchase it according to their purchasing power and comfort. Usually, a paddle is made up of the carbon fiber, plastic, and fiberglass.

However, you need to avoid the paddles made up of aluminum and plastic as they are heavy and provide you with the cheapest experience. You should go for the carbon fibers or wood as they are bit expensive but lightweight and give you great experience in kayaking.

6. Is the light-weightedness of a Paddle should be our ultimate concern to have best kayaking experience?

The low weightiness of your paddle is a sign that it is made up of highly built material and will give you a very pleasurable journey. A paddle having a reduced amount of weight will give you an easy handling.

However, light-weightedness does not mean that your paddle is not even capable of resisting against the wind or water. It should be strong and unbreakable as well.

So while purchasing the best paddle for a kayak, you need to assure two factors one is it should be made up of some strong material and secondly it should be light weight for the easy handling and better control.

7. Should we need to be brand consciousness while purchasing the right Paddle for our kayak?

The meaning of a brand has some distinctive and unique characteristics. Brands are built as they provide some extraordinary services or built-in quality to their customers.

Being a brand consciousness is not bad especially when it comes to your favorite items. Certain brand names have been continuously serving in providing best paddle for the kayak.

Seasense, shoreline, aqua bound and Werner are some renowned brands that are recognized for providing great products in paddling and kayaking. You may also go for some reputed company that has experience and can provide the best paddle for you kayak


We have picked the top rated products and tried our level best to produce best kayak paddle reviews. A paddle can even make your journey comfy or worse when you chose bad paddle for your kayak. The buyer’s guide and different product review will help you in deciding that which paddle suits you the most and make your journey more enjoyable and worth remembering.