Swimming in the open water or local lake is fun for about 15 minutes, but then as time drags on it quickly becomes either tiring, boring, or both.

But one of the most underrated activities you can do in the water while on a relatively tight budget, and without the need for lessons, is snorkeling.

Men have been snorkeling for years, however, just recently snorkeling technology has improved tremendously.

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Snorkeling with today’s gear is measurably better than the flimsy straw-like tube and separate foggy (and leaky) mask that you used to rely on when you were a kid.

Today’s snorkels actually come in a full face form factor which is terrific for long durations in the water (which you will undoubtedly be doing) along with giving you the ability to breath through either your nose or mouth.

The fog-free masks allow you to have an unobstructed panoramic view of the sea life around you while still retaining a steady flow of oxygen from the surface.

Beyond the incredible views that you will have of the sea floor, these masks will also allow you to easily capture unbelievable moments as many offer mounts for your GoPro.

Here’s a list of some of best full face snorkel masks that you should consider before you book your next tropical trip:

Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

7Leon New Design 2nd Generation Full Face Snorkel Mask for...
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A vacation should not be ruined by malfunctioning snorkel masks.

Leaking, fogging, or poorly made masks have a tendency to put a damper on what should be a fun activity.

The 7Leon New Design Snorkel Mask is your ticket to a better snorkeling experience. Throw away the old two piece set, and embrace underwater viewing as it was meant to be seen.

With 180 degrees of viewing potential, you will not miss anything that comes your way. The face mask is fitted with soft silicone and nylon straps to ensure a secure fit all around the face area.

The secure seal won’t be broken by just moving water alone, something that other, more traditional face masks have a problem with.

The breathing tube is situated on the top of the mask as well, which helps to prevent water from slipping in uninvited. Of course, if water does enter, there are valves in place to release the water when you resurface.

The mask is great for children and adults alike, and whether you are new to snorkeling or experienced in the water, this mask is a valuable addition to any water diving set.
Pros: Comes in adults and child sizes, and the easy to wear mask makes it comfortable for people who aren’t entirely used to snorkeling gear.
Cons: There is no GoPro attachment to this mask, so it is not an entirely hands free experience.
Bottom Line: It’s a decent quality mask that does what you need it to do while in the water.

MadeToLast has entered the snorkeling market with a new way to enjoy the water.

The Breathe Under Water snorkeling mask Is perfect for family vacations or just a day at the beach. It grants a complete 180 degree view of the world around you, so you are not going to miss anything like you would with traditional mask and snorkel.

You also do not have to hold the snorkel in your mouth to keep breathing; the mask holds it for you in the air. It’s a simple, streamlined product that works well in fresh or salt water. You could even bring it into the pool, at the risk of looking a little silly.

This mask comes with a waterproof phone carry case for those who do not have a GoPro.

The phone case holds most phones with ease, such as the iPhone 7.

Like other full face masks, this mask works best with a clean shaven face as hair has a tendency to interrupt the seal.

Glasses are also a no-go as they can scratch the plastic and push the mask away from your face.

When using the mask as intended, it is a great way to experience marine life up close and personal.
Pros: The mask comes in adult and child sizes, and the waterproof phone case that comes with it is a nice bonus.
Cons: You will have to shave your beard down to get a good seal around your face.
Bottom Line: Some sacrifices may need to be made in order to wear this mask, but it does what it needs to do without too many complications.

Enjoying crystal clear tropical water should not be a hassle.

Snorkeling masks are designed to keep water out, so why do they have such a tendency to leak?

The answer lies with subpar sealing technology that shifts with the slightest bit of water current, which is not good while floating near the surface.

With the H2O Ninja snorkeling mask, these detriments are mitigated significantly thanks to thoroughly researched features like the dry-top seal and safety valves. The full faced visor allows for a complete 180 degrees of vision, allowing you to enjoy more of the ocean at once.

It is formulated to resist fogging, so you can be sure if you do start to fog, it will not impair vision.

The Dry Top technology ensures a complete seal around the face to prevent water from seeping through and impairing your vision.

This feature, coupled with the emergency water release valves, keep your face and eyes dry while under the water.

This mask can handle dives as far as 10 feet, though beyond that is not recommended. The H2O Ninja mask is not designed to be a free diving mask, and you put yourself at significant risk if you dive below what is recommended.
Pros: Clean sealing mask reduces or negates water leakage into the mask, assuming proper fit and use.
Cons: It does occasionally fog, especially around the peripherals.
Bottom Line: If you don’t mind the odd episode of fog on your visor, it is still a very solid mask that is built with snorkelers in mind.

Snorkeling is one of those activities that works best when you have the right equipment. Conventional snorkeling masks come in separate pieces, and if it is not the right fit, it can cause problems in the long run.

Enter the Sea Vu snorkeling mask, a full-coverage mask that offers a seamless view of the underwater world around you.

The snorkel tube is situated on top of the mask, which helps to minimize distractions while you are under the water, and the full-face seal is perfect for keeping water out of the mask.

The anti-fog plastic lens also works beautifully under water; no more hassle with spraying on anti-fog during your trip.

While the mask works great for hours under water, there are still some things to note before using this product. The snorkel tube can be detached by gently rocking it back and forth until it gives.

Forcing the tube to come off will result in broken pieces that will affect how the mask functions.

The full-face mask also creates a strange suction around your face that will take some getting used to.

While it is designed to work with most face shapes, take care to ensure that the seal is secure all around the mask; beards and glasses could cause the mask to not adhere properly to the face, which results in leaks and/or fogging.
Pros: Well-built mask that offers a more immersive view when snorkeling.
Cons: Depending on factors such as face shape, glasses, or facial hair, the mask could potentially leak and cause problems during a snorkel.
Bottom Line: A quality made mask that has no glaring issues when used properly, and is able to stand up to hours of snorkeling.

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With traditional snorkel sets, you are forced to keep the mouthpiece in your mouth, lest you get more than a taste of seawater. If you are new to snorkeling, keeping the snorkel in your mouth can be a chore, and after a while it does start to hurt.

The North Scout snorkel mask takes the pain away by integrating the snorkel with a full coverage visor that lets you see more while doing less.

Gone are the days of painful jaws and locked lips. The mask makes snorkeling easy and hassle free.

The mouthpiece is gone, and instead replaced by an internal breathing apparatus that makes breathing underwater as natural as if you were born with gills.

Plus, the 180 degree field of vision makes you feel like a fish.

A really odd-shaped fish.

This mask features silicone all around the edges for a more secure seal around your face. Simply put the mask on your face and tighten the straps to ensure a completely locked seal.

For travel, the snorkel detaches to make transportation a breeze.

The North Scout snorkeling mask can be used for shallow diving, however you cannot breathe normally while under the water as there is no air to pull from.

Surface floating is best.
Pros: Once the mask is on, it is a very comfortable fit that minimizes or negates the amount of water that leaks into the mask.
Cons: Not made for shallow dives, though they are possible.
Bottom Line: An easy to wear mask that gives you a clear view of the underwater without introducing your eyes to the water.

Qwer Octobermoon Original 180°Full View Panoramic Full face...
  • Octobermoon Original 180°Full view Panoramic full face Snorkel...

Having a full field of view is important to making the most out of any snorkeling trip. A two piece mask and tube set certainly gets the job done, but you are constantly fidgeting with the position, and you will still occasionally get water into your breathing hole.

A full face mask changes the snorkeling game with a mask that seals off your face from the water, leaving you with a fully immersive and breathtaking experience without all the salt water in your mouth.

The Octobermoon Full Face mask features a premium seal that does not allow any water to get through, even if you have a lot of facial hair!

The snorkel tube is attached at the top of the head, so while you are looking down, the tube is pointed straight up with minimal chance of the water seeping in and getting into your mask.

This model comes in two very similar styles; one is an angled visor like many full face masks have, but the other is a round, almost helmet-like visor that takes out the lines so you get a seamless view of the ocean floor.

Of course, this may cause some visual distortion, but for the most part it is entirely functional and does not take away from the experience.
Pros: Two helmet styles to choose from and a multitude of colors makes this a fashionable snorkeling mask.
Cons: Very little in the way of downsides to this mask, folks have reported a slight plastic scent upon using.
Bottom Line: It is a good quality mask with enough features to make snorkeling enjoyable, but you may need to get used to the smell of plastic.

Seaview 180 Degree Panoramic Snorkel Mask- Full Face...
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Traditional snorkeling does have its drawbacks, the least of which is having a poor field of view.

Getting salt in your mouth, or worse, your breathing tube, as well as foggy goggles and a leaking seal can all contribute to a poor experience or a failed vacation.

It’s time to make a change to your snorkeling gear. The Seaview Panoramic snorkeling Mask will change how you snorkel, with its 180 degrees of sea viewing potential. The mask allows for a more natural breathing pattern thanks to the inner breathing muzzle that fits securely over your mouth and nose.

This also helps to prevent fogging while under the water.

This mask has a great seal around the face and the nose, so breathing is as natural as it is on land. If you are a first time snorkel-user, it may take some getting used to at first, but is otherwise effortless.

The only problem with this mask is it may fog should the inner muzzle not seal correctly around the mouth and nose.

This is easily combated with anti-fog spray or toothpaste to enjoy a clear view of the underwater world around you.
Pros: The seal is great for keeping water out of your face and eyes, because salt water really hurts when it gets in places it shouldn’t.
Cons: The visor can fog up if it is not correctly sealed to the face and nose, which impairs vision.
Bottom Line: It is a good quality mask that allows for a greater range of vision while snorkeling, and it certainly beats traditional mask and snorkel tubes.

A complete coverage snorkeling mask offers a view that is nearly incomparable with that of a traditional mask and snorkel, but what if you could also record what was happening outside the mask?

The Shark Gear SeaFin snorkeling mask offers just that with the addition of a revolutionary GoPro mount. With a GoPro, you can record your experiences underwater easily without having to fumble with an underwater camera.

Because this mask does away with the separated mask and tube, it encourages more natural breathing which contributes to an overall more enjoyable experience.

The SeaFin mask boasts a secure seal to ensure that water does not get into the mask. In the event that it does fail, the mask features a one-way drain that releases the water out of your mask. Thanks to this one way valve, you won’t ever have to remove the mask to make adjustments.

As with all full face masks, this one is hampered slightly by facial hair. A close shave is recommended before snorkeling, as a bushy beard can push the seal off of your face and let in water.

However, once you are in the water, the quality of the mask becomes clear. You are free to enjoy hours of snorkeling without worrying about leaks or fog, so you can enjoy more of what the ocean has to offer.
Pros: This is a great mask that has all of the features you could want in a single-piece snorkeling mask.
Cons: Only a few select models come with the GoPro attachment, so care must be taken when purchasing if this is a feature you want.
Bottom Line: A comfortable mask that works well while in the water, and is not prone to leaking or fog.

Trax To Tracks Full Face Snorkel-Dive Mask Provides Anti Fog...
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If you want a mask that does more for your money while also being easy to use, the Trax to Tracks snorkel mask has just the thing.

It is a full face covering with the snorkel tube situated on top, and utilizes dry top technology to ensure that water doesn’t seep in through the breathing tube. The silicone seal is perfect for keeping water from leaking in through the sides, and if there is accidental leakage, there is a safety valve that you can use to drain the water quickly, leaving you more time to snorkel.

It differs from other traditional masks in the sense that it is a full face covering, and lets you see more at one time. The visor spans around 180 degrees, letting you take in more with your peripherals than any other snorkel mask.

Capturing your snorkeling memories is easy with the integrated GoPro attachment on the top of the face mask. Now, you can go completely hands free and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Try doing that with a traditional face mask.
Pros: Silicone seal ensures that water is not going to leak in from the sides or the bottom, unless you have an unruly beard that breaks the seal.
Cons: Facial hair needs to be trimmed down in order to use the mask correctly.
Bottom Line: When used for snorkeling it works very well, but using it for diving lower than the surface may cause problems with equalizing pressure in the ears.

TRIBORD EasyBreath Full Face, Anti-Fog, Hypoallergenic...
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  • WATERPROOF - The “Dry Top” snorkel system limits water entry...
  • 2 Year Tribord Warranty. Hypoallergenic Silcone Facial Lining.

Snorkel masks should allow you to focus on snorkeling, not on making adjustments and emptying your mask.

Traditional snorkel sets do not have safety valves or fail-safes to prevent water from leaking into your mouth or eyes, which makes for an unpleasant experience while out on the water.

Worse still, your goggles can fog if your nose and eyes are contained in the same container. The Tribord is a revolutionary full face mask that combines everything a snorkel mask should be and makes it better. The snorkel is situated on top of the helmet instead of from the side, and features dual ventilation chambers that make breathing as simple as it is on land.

The visor is crystal clear, and offers a wide field of view around you. Because of how the mask is built, your nose and mouth are separate from the clear lens, and thus minimizes fogging while you are out on the water.

The seal around the face is made from silicone, and is easily adjusted with straps surrounding the head.

This ensures that no water is able to leak in through the sides and top. It is great for the whole family as the mask comes in many different sizes to fit your face shape.

Perfect for children and adults of all ages.
Pros: Clear visor ensures that the view is not muddled or cloudy while swimming.
Cons: You do not have access to your nose while diving, so for dives beneath the surface you have no way to equalize pressure.
Bottom Line: It’s a trusted brand for snorkeling, and many buyers swear by this model being the best in its category.

THENICE Full Face Snorkel Mask for Kids, Advanced Breadthing...
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Snorkeling masks don’t have to be uncomfortable, but if it’s your first time going underwater, there are some things that may seem foreign to you.

For starters, many snorkeling masks come in two pieces: the tube and the face shield. While snorkeling with such a mask, you are expected to fuss with the tube to ensure adequate breathing air coming to your mouth.

If it gets jolted around, suddenly you have a mouth full of seawater.

THENICE Full Face snorkel mask is an innovative design that reduces the amount of hassle when snorkeling, and makes it very easy for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy this pastime.

The mask is made out of medical-grade silicone, and is designed to fit around your face without letting in leaks.

Unlike other face masks, this one comes in three different sizes to get the best possible fit for you and your family. Putting it on is a breeze as well; simply adjust on your face and tighten the nylon straps until you have a firm seal.

Thanks to the upward facing breathing tube, there is no stress or hassle while you are in the water, and you will not have to worry about getting water in your mouth.
Pros: Minimal fogging with a proper seal; some temperatures may cause more fogging than others.
Cons: Only comes in two colors.
Bottom Line: Because of the size options, it’s very easy to find a fit that works for you and the rest of your family.

Seaview 180 Degree Panoramic Snorkel Mask- Full Face...
  • Mount included so you can easily attach your camera for awesome...
  • Dry snorkel technology stops salt water from getting into your mouth...
  • Anti-fog design- there is nothing worse than dealing with a mask that...

The days of keeping a snorkel in your mouth are over, and a new way to breathe underwater is taking the market by storm.

If you have ever struggled with traditional snorkeling masks, either by trying to keep the tube in your mouth, or have had your goggles fog on you, this new mask is definitely an upgrade. The Wild Wayz Seaview snorkel mask is everything that a traditional mask is and more.

There is no more fussing with a snorkel tube, and the fear that it will somehow come dislodged from your mouth is gone. It is a one piece mask with the breathing tube on top, and an internal muzzle that fits snugly over the mouth and nose.

With it, you can breathe normally through either orifice and still get the same result. The additional benefit to having your mouth and nose in a separate chamber is that it eliminates fogging in the mask, so you can have a better view of the marine life around you.

If you want a longer, more intuitive snorkeling experience, the Wild Wayz Seaview snorkeling mask is the product for you.
Pros: Eliminates fogging by keeping the mouth and nose in a separate chamber.
Cons: The only color it is available in is black.
Bottom Line: With everything that this mask offers, there is a good chance you will never go back to traditional snorkel gear again.

Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask with Panoramic View...
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When you go into the water, you want to be able to enjoy what’s underneath the surface without getting a mouthful of the salty fluid.

A traditional snorkeling set increases the risk of sucking in water through the mouth or the nose, which leads to health complications such as sinus infections or bacterial infections.

The Vaincre snorkeling mask features an innovative snorkel tube that keeps water out of the breathing apparatus, so you aren’t choking up water while swimming. The face shield features a quality seal to help keep out water, but there is also a fail-safe valve in case something goes awry.

The sturdy lens is crystal clear, allowing for a complete 180 degree view of the ocean around you. The sides come up at an angle, which may magnify and distort certain objects, but it otherwise offers an unhindered view of the ocean or reef.

This model also comes with an integrated, rotation GoPro mount to record and relive your experiences quickly and easily. Send footage of your diving expedition to friends and family abroad and convince them that yes, you really did see a fish that big.

Of course, the camera adds ten pounds, but it works for your case regardless. With the Vaincre Full Face snorkeling Mask, the whole family can enjoy exploring under the sea with a selection of child and adult sizes.
Pros: The breathing tube is engineered to prevent water from sneaking into your mouth or your mask, which increases snorkel longevity.
Cons: Moving in certain directions can jiggle the face seal, which in turn lets in water.
Bottom Line: A good quality snorkeling mask that, despite its flaws, should last a good while with proper care.

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A full face snorkeling mask can be difficult to pack; the spout is too long, doesn’t fold in, or is otherwise a pain to try and take off without breaking it.

If you somehow do manage to package the mask in perfectly, there are no guarantees that it will get to your destination in one piece.

The X-Lounger snorkeling mask is one of the few on the market that folds down to make transportation easier. When you are ready to snorkel, push the tube back up into position. This model also features a GoPro mount that extends and retracts to maximize your video angles. The whole mask is the definition of convenience.

The design of the mask allows you to either breathe with your nose or your mouth, and the revolutionary design ensures that moisture buildup does not fog up the interior of your mask.

Dry snorkel technology ensures that water stays outside of your mask as well; by using a ball inside of the snorkel tube, water cannot get into the mask while you are breathing out. If water manages to get past the seal and the dry top barrier, the water is channeled into a chamber below your chin where it is easily expelled through a valve when you surface.
Pros: The numerous features put in place keep water from entering the mask, which allows you to snorkel longer.
Cons: May be foggy when used in certain temperatures (such as with cold water).
Bottom Line: Well-made snorkeling mask that features numerous fail-safes to easily rectify any problems that may arise.