Best Budget Dry Bag for KayakingWhen bringing your belongings for a kayaking trip, you don’t want to let a little bit of water ruin your fun! A dry bag is a must-have item to keep your gear protected while you are enjoying wet adventures in your kayak or boat. Whether you are bringing along a towel and drink or a full day worth of gear, you will want a dry bag that will keep your things from getting water damaged.

With many different options available, you may be stuck wondering: How do I choose the best dry bag for kayaking? Let us take the guesswork out of finding the best option and guide you in the right direction. We will introduce you to the important considerations and the top 5 picks for dry bags to help you find the one that will best suit your needs.

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IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Bag Dry Sack, Lightweight Dry...
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The Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag will be an ideal fit if you are needing a dry bag for kayaking that is 100% waterproof. This bag has been tested in the rugged water conditions of the Pacific Northwest and is designed to withstand any weather elements.

The sack is constructed of a heavy duty 500D PVC that has watertight seams to keep your belongings protected. For those who want to have quick access to small belongings such as keys, wallet or cards, there is an splash-proof zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag.

This model is extremely portable with the attached back pack and shoulder straps that can be removed when not in use.It is important to stay hydrated while kayaking and this model has its own water bottle pocket for easy access to your beverage.

The pocket stores bottles up to 2.75 inches in diameter which will fit most standard water containers. This dry bag weighs only 12 ounces when empty, making it a great solution for on the go water activities.

You can also use it for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing or swimming. The simple black design will fit in with your other outdoor gear. The top of the bag features a roll top compression seal for a tight enclosure.

It also features clips that make the bag easy to secure to the side of your kayak. With this dry bag for kayaking, you won’t have to worry about any wetness getting into the inside and ruining your belongings.

Best Budget Dry Bag for Kayaking & Paddleboarding & Boating & Camping

BE Outfitter Cabrillo Dry Bag
  • Holds DSLR with Small Zoom Lens
  • Welded seams for full protection from water, sand and dirt.
  • Heavily Padded Interior with Modular Velcro Divider
  • Removable modular divider allows segregated space between your camera...
  • Mesh pockets for additional organization of all those cords, chargers,...

The Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag provides reliable protection for the things that you want to keep dry while kayaking. With this model, you can choose from 4 different size options including 10 liter, 20 liter, 30 liter and 40 liters.

The 10 and 20 liter versions come with one shoulder strap while the two larger versions come with backpack straps and a sternum strap. All of the dry bag options come with a IPX8 certified 6.5 inch waterproof phone case which will fit virtually any size phone.

The case has a quick locking design that allows you to snap your phone in place and still have the ability to take pictures with the clear windows. This dry bag allows you to explore your adventurous side in the water while having the durability to protect your belongings.

Even the smallest version of the Earth Pak can hold several small personal items such as a towel, camera, wallet or sunglasses. The larger capacity options can hold a day’s worth of survival gear which will be especially useful if you plan on camping.

If you are storing expensive gear, you can be assured that it will stay safe as this dry bag is constructed from thick 500D PVC material. You can easily connect the bag to your kayak with the hardened D-rings that will click right onto the edge.

The top of the bag is sealed with a roll top compression that secures with a tight buckle. This bag comes in 6 different colors including black, blue, forest green, light blue, yellow and orange to give you the ultimate versatility in a dry bag for kayaking.

Best Budget Dry Bag for Kayaking & Paddleboarding & Boating & Camping

Acrodo Dry Bag Transparent & Waterproof - Blue 10 Liter...
  • KEEPS YOUR ITEMS DRY – don’t let a little water ruin your fun!...
  • FLOATS IN WATER – this tote won’t leave you with a sinking feeling...
  • SHOULDER STRAP & HANDLE FOR EASY CARRY – easy to maneuver with two...
  • TOUGH MATERIAL RESISTS WEAR & TEAR – constructed from top-quality,...
  • EASILY LOCATE YOUR ITEMS – With transparent material, you’ll...

If you prefer to have a transparent design to see what is inside your dry bag, the Acrodo Waterproof Dry Bag is an excellent choice. This bag comes in 5 different color options including bright yellow, arctic blue, black, orange and green.

You will also be able to choose from 2 different size selections including 10 and 20 liter versions. When kayaking, you won’t need to worry about the worst case scenario of the bag falling into the water as will float up to the top so you don’t lose your things.

It’s tough material is durable so you can use it for virtually any outdoor expedition. You can be assured that not only will you items stay dry but the bag is resistant against abrasions, tears and punctures.

The shoulder strap and attached handle make this dry bag extremely easy to carry when you are getting in and out of your kayak. You can either wear the shoulder strap across your body or grab it by the handle to transport it from place to place.

Simply place your items inside , roll down the top of the bag and secure it in place with the buckle. When you need to grab your things, you won’t need to spend much time searching through the bag as the transparency makes it easy to see where they are located.

You can be assured of the safety of your items as the bag is completely waterproof. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, this dry bag will allow you to locate your items in seconds and keep them safe from the elements.

Best Budget Dry Bag for Kayaking & Paddleboarding & Boating & Camping

Leader Accessories Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag for Hiking...
  • Made of imported 500D PVC tarpaulin welded with oxford fabric
  • float in the water if it goes overboard with its roll-top closure...
  • Protects valuables from dirt, dust,sand and water
  • Durable,wipe clean and easy to store away
  • Suitable for hiking, kayaking and other outdoor sports

The Leader Accessories PVC Waterproof Dry Bag will be a helpful companion to protect your valuables on your kayaking trip. This bag is completely waterproof and can even be quickly submerged into the water.

You plan to go on a frequent kayaking trips this is a great choice for your travels. It is constructed from heavy duty vinyl material that is durable enough for frequent use.

This model comes in seven different colors and seven different size options. The color options include black, white, red, green, orange, blue and yellow. You can choose from sizes including 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 55 liters. The manufacturer also backs the dry bag with a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to be able to carry it easily, there is an adjustable shoulder strap that can be moved to your desired length. To seal the bag, simply fold it over once, push out the excess air, then fold it down three more times and close with the buckle seal.

This bag is constructed from vinyl polyester trilaminate materials that will hold up against punctures and abrasions. It is also designed to float safely if it happens to fall over the edge of your kayak.

Not only is this a durable dry bag but it is easy to clean by simply wiping the surface with a sponge or paper towel. With high frequency welded seams, see you can be assured that your contents will be save from water damage. If you need protection for your goods while traveling through the water, this model provides plenty of versatility.

Best Budget Dry Bag for Kayaking & Paddleboarding & Boating & Camping

Koopower Dry Bag Sack, 20L Dry Gear Backpack with Universal...
  • CERTIFIED WATERPROOF This bag has been certified IPX8 Waterproof, and...
  • PROTECTS AGAINST ABRASION Made from durable, resilient 500D PVC...
  • PLENTY OF ROOM FOR TWO With its 20-liter volume, two people can...
  • ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP This bag features a comfortable shoulder...
  • YOUR CHOICE OF FIVE COLORS Show off your personality and choose from a...

The KooPower Dry Bag Sack is a great size for kayaking adventures and will hold your valuables so you don’t have to worry about water damage. The dry bag is constructed of resilient 500D PVC material which is ideal for keeping electronics and other delicate goods safe.

With a 20 liter capacity, it can hold belongings for 2 people which will help you avoid bring two bags if you are kayaking with a friend. This model comes in five different color options including black, blue, orange, red and yellow.

You can easily carry it from the kayak to your vehicle or vice versa with the attached shoulder strap. The strap is fully adjustable to be comfortable for your height from 24 to 42 inches.

This model comes with the added convenience of an included phone case that holds phones up to 6.5 inches. The bag and phone case are both certified to be fully waterproof which gives you the added piece of mind that your belongings won’t get waterlogged.

This bag is ultra-durable and resistant against abrasions, punctures and other types of damage. You will even have some cushioning to insulate the contents against the heat on a hot sunny day. Simply pack in your things, roll the top of the bag and secure with the buckle.

You can trust this bag will keep the contents safe so you can worry less about water damage and more about enjoying the kayaking fun.

Using a Dry Bag for Kayaking

The main reason for purchasing the dry bag is to bring it with you for kayaking, but what are some of the belongings that you can use it to hold?

  • Small Items and Electronics– When you are out in the water, you want to be able to bring your cell phone, keys and other items. A dry bag will keep these items secure and protect them from water damage.
  • Change of Clothing– Kayaking may get you wet and prompt a change of clothing or at least the use of a towel. Using a dry bag can allow you to bring clothes or a towel on your trip so you don’t have to wait to get back to your vehicle.
  • Survival Gear –If you are also camping or plan on spending the entire day out in the water, you can use a dry bag to carry all of your survival gear. For this use, you will want to find a larger bag that can store plenty of clothes, food and essential items.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Dry Bag

There is not a “one size fits all” dry bag model, hence the importance of taking into account the following factors when deciding on a dry bag for kayaking:

  • Size– You should choose a bag that is the proper size for the gear you plan to bring while kayaking. If you only plan to bring a small towel, drink and keys, a 10 liter sized based will give you the maximum level of portability. On the other hand, if you need to store a day’s worth of survival or fishing gear, a larger option such as 30 or 40 liters will work best.
  • Puncture and Abrasion Resistant –Especially if you plan to store electronics or other delicate items, you will want to purchase a dry bag constructed from durable materials. In order to trust that the bag is fully waterproof, it needs to be able to withstand damage from abrasions or punctures.
  • Floatation– When navigating through the water, you won’t want to be left with your belongings sinking if the bag happens to slip overboard. Make sure you find a dry bag that can float in water just incase it falls over the edge.

What Features Should I Look For?

After you’ve considered the basics of dry bags, you want to think about things that will make use of the bag more convenient while you are kayaking. Here are some helpful features to look for when purchasing a dry bag:

  • Cell Phone Case– If you plan to bring your cell phone along, you will want to make sure it will not be ruined by the water. Finding a dry bag that includes a waterproof cell phone case can be extremely helpful when you are kayaking. You won’t have to worry about dropping your phone in the water even when you pull it out to take pictures.
  • Carrying Straps –Since you are bringing the bag out to the water, you will likely want one that includes at least one carrying strap. Larger models are much easier to carry if you select one with backpack straps to put on your shoulders.
  • Ease of Use –If you want to have quick access to your small items, outside pockets can make it easy to grab things out of the bag. Some bags even feature a transparent design which allows you to quickly locate things inside. Another feature that can make the bag easy to use is a surface that can easily be wiped for cleaning.


When it comes to selecting the best dry bag for kayaking, the Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag is the winning choice. Not only do you have multiple different size and color options, but it comes with a large waterproof phone case to secure your cell phone. You can put electronics and other valuables in this bag without worrying about damage as it is made from a durable PVC material. The D-rings also make it convenient to attach the bag to your kayak so you don’t have to worry about it slipping overboard.