Most athletes are wearing the best compression shorts which are designed to support the muscles, hamstrings, glutes and quads. Compression shorts can also be worn as undergarments or as outdoor outfit for sports and other athletic activities. Wearing best compression shorts has many benefits especially when it comes to intense workouts. These shorts can also lessen the time needed to rest the muscles which allow athletes to continue their physical activities.

In A Hurry? This Is The Best:
Nike Women's 3" Pro Dri FIT Compression Shorts
  • Dri-FIT fabric - Helps keep you dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away from the surface of the skin.
  • Body-skimming fit - Makes these shorts an ideal base layer.
  • Flat elastic waistband - Offers a smooth fit that stays in place.
  • Triangular gusset - Allows a full range of motion.
  • 3" (7.6cm) inseam - In a women's size small.

Why Should You Buy Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts have many physical benefits. If you are a runner, player or an athlete, these amazing shorts can assist your body during workouts. After intense physical activities, many people also experience muscle soreness in the thigh area especially when they are not wearing compression shorts.

If you also perform intense workouts, it is best to consider getting compression shorts to feel more comfortable before, during and after performing physical activities. You will be amazed with all the benefits it offers to your body.

Top 5 Best Compression Shorts for Men and Women

To experience all the benefits of compression shorts, it is best to get a pair or two with high-quality materials. Looking for the best compression shorts can be tough as there are so many options available in the market. To make things easier for you, we have made a list of the best compression shorts.

Under Armour Women's Heat Gear Authentic Long Shorts
  • Super-light UA HeatGear fabric updated to deliver superior coverage &...
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you dry &...
  • Lightweight, 4-way stretch construction improves mobility & maintains...
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • Exposed elastic waistband with internal pocket

These compression shorts loved by many women as it help to boost their performance while reducing the time for recovery. The thighs are firmly compressed that stabilizes the muscles in a comfortable manner. Made of 87% polyester and 13% elastane, these shorts are perfect for running and working out while keeping the thighs dry. A hidden pocket is also included for bringing small stuff on the go.


  • These shorts are made of high-quality materials.
  • It wicks sweat away to keep runners or athletes dry, cool and focused on their physical activities.
  • The 4-way stretch construction can improve mobility while speeding up the time to dry. Its breathable fabric can keep the thighs cool.
  • These shorts provide sufficient level of compression for comfortable performances. These shorts also prevent too much muscular movement when jogging.
  • It comes with a yoga-inspired waistband that features a hidden pocket for additional stuff. This allows someone to stash small things while working out.
  • These shorts have anti-microbial properties which prevents bacteria from growing. This feature also keeps the shorts from having bad odor.
  • With these compression shorts, muscle power increases while the recovery time decreases.


  • The interior seam can be a little uncomfortable and may cause chafing in the buttocks area.
Champion Men's Powerflex 6"Compression Short, Navy, Small
  • Quick drying Champion Vapor technology eVaporates moisture fast
  • Moisture management technology wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Flat lock seams to protect against chafing
  • Targeted ventilation for breathability
  • 6 inch

These compression shorts prevent chafing while keeping athlete’s muscles in the right position. The edges are made with flat lock seams that keep the skin from rubbing against each other. It also comes with a variety of colors so athletes are able to choose their desired color. There are also many sizes available so anyone can get a pair or two.


  • These best compression shorts have quick-drying technology that evaporates the sweat fast. This feature keeps athletes comfortable all the time.
  • The flatlock seams work great in preventing chafing. Running can be easier and there will be no skin problems the next day.
  • These compression shorts are safe to wash in machine.
  • The stretch fabric provides adequate level of compression to prevent extra muscular movements in the thigh area.
  • The materials are breathable which keep the skin cool while allowing the heat to escape.
  • It comes in different colors so runners can choose depending on their chosen style.


  • Some reviewers claim that these are too short but many reviewers also mentioned that there are more pros than cons.
Nike 589364 Women's 3" Pro Core Compression Shorts -XS...
  • Dri-FIT fabric to wick sweat away and help keep you dry and...
  • Elastic waistband for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Lined gusset and ergonomic seams for enhanced range of motion
  • Flat seams to help minimize irritation caused by chafing
  • 3" inseam based on size medium

These compression shorts from Nike come with elastic waistband for perfect fit. The seams and gusset are tight but comfortable enough for physical activities. These shorts prevent chafing problems as the seams are designed flat so runners can exercise at ease. Most customers love these shorts because of the comfort it provide and the level of compression is perfect for running.

The shorts also come with perfect sized inseam that prevents it from sliding up and down. These shorts are great for going to gym or for a run.


  • These shorts are made with sweat-wicking stretch fabric that can easily remove sweat to keep runners dry before sweat irritates them.
  • It fits well and does not move upwards when jogging or doing other physical activities so girls can do their exercises comfortably without having to pull it down all the time.
  • It provides the right level of compression for comfortable fit.
  • The flat seams can reduce possible irritation caused by chafing so runners do not have to worry about skin problems after working out.
  • These compression shorts are machine washable and durable.
  • Made of high-quality materials.


  • Some reviewers claim that the shorts are too small over the thighs and so thin that others can see through them. Some recommended getting a bigger size than your current size.
Tough Mode Apparel Womens 3" Athletic Workout Volleyball...
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  • Please check out OUR SIZE CHART in the end of PICTURE DETAIL.
  • Functional-active-fabric provide more stretch and compression,...
  • Advanced workout Shorts, comfy matt finish brings out the beauty of...
  • No logo print, and our shorts are made of two different cutting...

These shorts are popular for men because it can be worn for any physical activity. They have soft material and come with three solid colors. These shorts are excellent for cross-training, martial arts, running, Brazilian jiujitsu, cycling and any other type of exercises. They are also made of high-tech fabric that can boost an athlete’s performance by improving the blood circulation and increasing the delivery of oxygen. Users are also able to recover faster with these best compression shorts.


  • Perfect shorts for any type of physical activity like running, martial arts and cross-training.
  • These shorts can keep you cool and dry as it quickly removes moisture.
  • These are scientifically engineered to avoid chafing so athletes or runners are able to work out without having to worry about skin irritation.
  • Using these compression shorts allow users to recover fast. According to many users, they have noticed that they have more stamina and endurance, less soreness and faster recovery.
  • The high-tech fabrics provide the right level of pressure that can improve blood and oxygen circulation. These increases power and speed.
  • These shorts are durable and built to last. The high-tech fabrics can last long so you can get what you pay for.


  • Some customers mentioned that the shorts were so tight.
Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts - Medium -...
  • Smooth Fabric - An ultra-soft and smmooth fabric that provides extreme...
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabrication - Allows greater mobility and maintains...
  • Signature Moisture Transport System - Wicks sweat away from the body,...
  • Anti-Odour Technology - Prevents the growth of odour causing microbes.
  • Smooth Flat Lock Seams - Allow a full range of motion without...

These shorts are made with smooth fabric that offers great comfort with little weight. It has Signature Moisture Transport System that eliminates the sweat from the body to keep runners dry and cool during their exercises. It also has anti-odor technology that prevents the growth of microbes which cause foul odor. The shorts can easily follow the contours of a runner’s legs while providing an adequate level of compression.


  • It has 4-way stretch fabrication that provides better mobility while maintaining the shape.
  • These shorts remove the sweat quickly to keep athletes dry. It also has anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of microbes.
  • The smooth flatlock seams provide a full range of motion.
  • These compression shorts work great in preventing chaffing to keep athletes at ease when performing intense activities.
  • It provides adequate level of compression for comfortable exercises and activities.
  • It can be washed in a machine and dries quickly.


  • These shorts do not last as long as other compression shorts.
  • Many people claim that these are too thin.

Benefits of Best Compression Shorts

Testing "Compression" Leggings and ShortsCompression shorts have many health benefits. They can provide additional warmth, skin protection and muscle support. The elastic materials of compression shorts are able to aid the hamstrings. According to researches, people who use compression shorts are likely to experience less discomfort.

1. Proper Muscle Position

Using compression shorts can keep the proper position of the muscles. It limits extra muscle movement when running which also helps the performances of athletes while reduces the amount of energy spent. According to studies, the hip flexion angle is reduced among athletes wearing compression shorts.

Players wearing compression shorts also had lower levels of lactic acid in their body tissues, which is the result of muscle pain after intense activities.

People who are having a hard time to run or feeling pain after running may experience these issues because the thighs are not compressed firmly. With compression shorts, muscles are able to be compressed and in the right position so runners can release their full capacity without itch or pain.

2. Prevents Chaffing

There are many cases that the thighs rub against each other when running or walking which leads to skin rashes. Marathon runners, joggers and most athletes perform intense physical activities and have higher chances of experiencing chaffing in the thighs and groin area. This issue happens with traditional sportswear.

The best compression shorts can prevent the skin from chafing when they are running and performing other physical activities. The stitches are tactically placed to prevent rubbing and chaffing. Since athletes are performing intense activities, it is best to consider getting a pair or two best compression shorts.

People who are experiencing this issue can benefit a lot from using compression shorts as these can keep the thighs and groin area from rubbing. It also lowers the risk of developing rashes and other skin problems.

3. Regulates Temperature

Best compression shorts can draw off excess sweat so athletes can continue their training and other physical activities comfortably. The shorts are able to absorb sweat and disperse quickly into the air. This means that the body can cool down faster after performing physical activities. Athletes are able to feel better and they can give their best performance.

When it is hot outside, compression shorts that have sweat-wicking fabric are ideal to wear to remove excess sweat from the body. This also keeps the skin dry as the sweat evaporates from the shorts.Best compression shorts are also made of material with antimicrobial properties which can also prevent odor.

4. Improves Circulation

Compression shorts are made of engineered fabric that compresses the muscles firmly. Many studies have proven that compression shorts are able to improve blood circulation in the legs. This benefit and the materials they are made of means that compression shorts have higher costs than regular shorts but purchasing the best compression shorts allows you to get what you invested.

Compression shorts can also help you heal faster. After running and performing exhausting physical activities, one may feel sore in the thigh areas. Improved blood circulation can help to heal faster and eliminate soreness.

The oxygenation of tissues is also improved when wearing compression shorts. With more oxygen reaching the muscles, athletes are able to perform much better while reducing the risk of soreness after their physical activities.

5. Prevent Damage

Using compression shorts can delay the soreness of the muscles. It compresses the muscle tissues to reduce the damages that can occur. Muscle recovery is also faster with compression shorts.

6. Provides Warmth

Compression shorts provide warmth in the thigh region which decreases the amount of strain being applied on the thigh areas. These are beneficial to athletes so they can keep up with others without feeling over fatigue.


Compression shorts are designed to give comfort and additional support to boost athletes’ performances. With the right shorts, one can experience all the physical benefits. Too big or small can only make you feel uncomfortable and may also lead to soreness. It is best to get the right size of best compression shorts while considering the materials they are made of.

If you are performing intense activities, using compression shorts can help your muscles recover fast. Aside from physical benefits, compression shorts also have mental benefits. People wearing them know that the shorts are able to give them more stamina and power which boosts their performances.