5 Easy Steps to Build a Kayak TrailerSo let’s assume you have a strong truck and it can afford to carry your kayak on the top. That’s fine, but something sure is that sometimes it can prove to be tedious. So what do you think of a kayak trailer?

Before going any further, maybe you have been having the thought of getting a kayak trailer. Buying a ready-made one can be quite expensive. But did you know you can build one and conquer these challenges? Here is a tutorial on how to build a kayak trailer.

Building a Kayak Trailer

Before you can start building your new kayak trailer, you first need to understand the necessary material and equipment that will be required to ensure a good job.

This is what you will need:

Once you have all the necessary material and equipment ready, follow the following tutorial step by step.

Step One: Assemble the Utility Trailer Kit

You can either purchase a four-foot or eight-foot utility trailer kit. There are other variations, it all depends on you. When you buy a utility trailer kit, the packaging comes with instructions on how to assemble the kit. Follow the instructions given carefully. It is a simple job if you understand the instructions.

An advantage of the eight-foot trailers is that they have a large base. With such a base, the distance that is in between uprights is increased. In return, this becomes a better support for the kayaks. An additional advantage of having a large base is that it allows you room to store accessories.

To accompany the kit should be some 12-inch wheels. These are some upgraded wheels that will give you a smooth ride. They are also rated for use on the highway.

Step Two: Extend the Kit’s Tongue

Here is what to do, the first thing is to remove the original tongue of the kit. It should then be replaced with a 14-foot steel square tube. The steel tube should run from the back part of the trailer and go past the front. For you to bolt the square tube on both the rear and front frame of the trailer, you will have to drill holes.

The trailer hitch of the kit should also be bolted onto the steel square tube. When selecting the steel square tube make sure it’s big enough to perfectly fit the hitch of the kit. A square tube that is thick-walled is stronger and stiffer.

Step Three

It is now time to bolt 1-inch steel square tubes at the corners of the already assembled utility trailer. These will be uprights. Uprights (forty-inch) allow the room for storage on the bed of the trailer as well as 2 rows of kayaks.

Find flat stock steel pieces (1-foot each) running 45 degrees, that is, from the upright going to the frame of the trailer. This will help to reinforce the uprights.

Step Four

Bolt 3/4 inch of galvanized pipe using U-bolts onto the uprights. Find the appropriate height for your kayaks. Maintaining the height, on each side run another 3/4 inch pipe, that is, between the rear and the forward uprights. Pad each upright and pipe using pipe insulation. This is a measure to shield your kayaks from the uprights and metal pipes.

Step Five: Wiring

The final step is to extend the wiring of the trailer. Once you have done the wiring, make sure the lights are working. To do a proper wiring, please follow the manufacturer guides that accompany the extended wiring kit.

Bonus Tips

If you follow this guide on how to build a kayak trailer, you will probably end up with one. All you need is some basic metal work skill and the ability to read and understand directions. What’s amazing is that you will have saved on cost and you will be efficient in transporting your kayak.